How Safe Is The Recruitment Process For Clinical Trials?

Clinical trial advertising patient recruitment is very common. There are dozens of medical testing and trials happening over the course of just one month and in most cases, medicines must undergo strict testing before it’s made available to the general public. So, how safe is the recruitment process for clinical trials?


Five Stages of Recruitment

Not many people are aware of this,  but when it comes to a clinical trial there are several stages of the recruitment process. The reason why every volunteer goes through these stages is simply to ensure the safety of everyone and to be in compliance with the strict regulations in place from the Federal Drug Administration.  Many volunteers who sign up and look to become a part of a trial are turned down simply because they aren’t eligible for one or more reason. Recruitment advertising doesn’t always say how many stages volunteers will go through however.

No Coercion

As mentioned above, there are a lot of strict regulations and rules to follow and one of them is that no one should be forced or pushed into these trials. As a result many of the types of marketing for a clinical trial will have a local focus. The rules prevent agencies from doing a nation wide search. The local ads will run in newspapers and other approved outlets so that there will not be any form of coercion for any volunteer.

Volunteers Must Be Happy With the Process

However, the recruitment process can be safe when volunteer adhere to the rules. For example, no one should lie about any illness or underlying medical condition and they must not consume foods or drinks they shouldn’t. Too many people believe the recruitment process for clinical trials isn’t safe but in most cases, problems occur because of miscommunication with members of a trial as it progresses. There is a strict final test to pass even after all stages of recruitment are complete so that everyone taking part is safe.

There Will Always Be Dangers

To be honest, when it comes to recruitment for clinical trials, in most cases, the process is safe and secure. Usually most tests are conducted by proper health care medical professionals who want to test new practices or medicines and a clinical trial provides the best research. Also, most tests are approved by the Federal Drug Administration but that doesn’t mean every recruitment process is exactly safe. If you don’t conduct serious research yourself before signing up to a clinical trial then it could pose potential risks. You need to be thorough in your preparation and talk to others if participating is right for you.

Recruitment Advertising Can Be a Powerful Tool

The recruitment process does have lots of strict rules and regulations and it doesn’t matter what is being put on trial either. Of course, nothing is perfect but in most cases, the recruitment process is simple and very safe. Everyone will have their own opinion over recruitment and you will need to take steps to ensure you remain safe. Recruitment advertising can look good but don’t be fooled, do your own research before signing up.